BigGameBattle Over this Years 2020

October 23rd, 2019

Dear Loyal Big Game Battle Captains,

Thank you all for your continued support of the Big Game Battle over the last 18 years. We have been honored to host this tournament since the beginning and to have been a part of the over $1.1 million raised for various local and national charities.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the friends we have made hosting this, you’ve all been a part of the BGB growth, however, it’s time for me to pass the torch. While we hope to remain in the loop on all BGB events and endeavors, I’m excited to announce that Ryan Sillery (Catch N Reese) and James Rogan (Lucky 13) and Kevin Scannell (Miss Bridget) will be taking over, starting with the Big Game Battle 2020. Ryan, James, and Kevin have been a part of Big Game Battle for 10-15 years and they have a team behind him who will support and run the event to its fullest potential. They have a list of great charities that they’re looking into and will be in touch in the New Year with updates.

In the meantime, please see attached for the Save the Date for the 19th Big Game Battle, August 6th – August 9th, 2020. All boats from the previous years will have first priority before any new boats are invited. Please forward this email to your teams & crews to remind them of this amazing weekend and let the new team know if you plan to participate.

The first newsletter will be out in January, if not sooner, with more details however everyone should reserve their slips and accommodations given the busy time of year. The Boat Basin opens up the 2020 season for reservation starting 11/1/2019. Many of you have reached out to support the event moving forwarding and hope you can reach out to the team at your earliest convenience – a little help goes a long way. Planning will start in yearly November giving the new leaders 10 months to organize for the 2020 Big Game Battle.

If you have any questions regarding the 19th Big Game Battle, please reach out to Ryan Sillery, James Rogan, and Kevin Scannell directly.

Ryan Sillery

James Rogan

Kevin Scannell

Thank you,

Don O’Neil

Save The Date

January 6th, 2020


We are so excited that Don O’Neil has passed the torch to us. This year we’ll be giving the Big Game Battle our all & look forward to the tournament festivities!

If you haven’t already please Save The Date for the 19th Big Game Battle, Thursday August 6th- Sunday August 9th, 2020.

All boats from the previous years will have priority before any new boats are invited. Please forward this email to your team & crew to remind them of this amazing weekend!

Please reserve your boat with the Nantucket Boat Basin by January 15th at or by the link below “Nantucket Boat Basin Reservation Request Form.”

This form is required by the Boat Basin and needs to be filled out as soon as possible.

Nantucket Boat Basin Reservation Request Form

We’ll be sending a follow-up email this month with all the information to enter your boat for Big Game Battle. The Boat Entrance Form is where you make a payment of $2,000.00, we ask for Captains information, and Crews information for the tournament.

If you need anything please reach out to our Operational Manager, Karli Tobias. She will be helping us with the event logistics this year and in years to come.

Karli Tobias

We wish all Big Game Battle Captains, Crews, and Families a Happy New Year!

Ryan Sillery
Catch N Reese

James Rogan
Lucky 13

Kevin Scannell
Miss Bridget


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