Have questions about this Invitation Only fishing tournament?

Below we have uploaded the rules and point system for your convenience. Please DOWNLOAD the attachments to ensure smooth sailing for your weekend fishing excursion with Big Game Battle.

General Rules

All boats must depart from Nantucket Harbor.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Arrive Nantucket. Captains Meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Many boats pre-fish this day.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Lines cannot be in the water any earlier than 5:00 AM and lines must be out of the water by 4:00 PM. All boats must return to the dock by 9:00 PM. If the boat does not return to the dock by this time, all fish are disqualified for that day.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lines cannot be in the water any earlier than 5:00 AM and lines must be out of the water by 3:00 PM. All boats must return to the dock by 6:00 PM with score sheets time-stamped by 6:30 PM at the scoring table. If the boat does not get their sheets time-stamped by 6:30 PM, all fish are disqualified for that day. Each boat is responsible to turn its own score sheet on Saturday or will be disqualified.

Fishing Rules

  • Any fish hooked prior to the lines out deadline may be played until boated or released, provided that said fish is reported hooked to another participating vessel before the deadline.
  • All fish are the boat’s property and each boat is responsible for disposing of their own fish. All fish must be dressed on the vessel it was caught. This rule is imposed to insure the BGB maintains a positive status with the Boat Basin.
  • For release purposes, a fish will be considered caught when the swivel touches the tip of the rod.
  • Unlimited tackle (Everything goes, live, dead and artificial baits)
  • No fishing boundaries, Canada to Hague Line to Bermuda.
  • Maximum of seven lines in the water at any time.
  • In the event of a tie, the first boat to catch the most point first wins.
  • Scores will be posted daily at the dock. Anyone not turning in a score sheet for the day, they will be disqualified for that day’s points.
  • There is NO weather committee. The decision to fish is left solely to participants who do so at their OWN risk.
  • All fish must be clean on your boat at the boat basin and discarded out at sea (not in the basin) or you are subject to a $200.00 fine by Harbor

Boat Rules

  • Each boat captain must fill out and submit a daily catch report. Reports to be submitted at Nantucket Boat Basin fuel dock, signed and put in envelope.
  • Every vessel must have a digital camera in order to photograph billfish that are not retained by the boat (at the discretion of the captain and according to NMFS regulations). These pictures will be reviewed at the Basin along with the accompanying submitted daily catch report.
  • A formal protest must be in writing for any boat or angler violations on the day of the alleged infraction no later than 6:30 PM with a non-refundable deposit of $500. Non-biased individuals will be randomly selected to determine/resolve this formal protest. This panel’s decision is final and cannot be questioned. Money will be donated to the charity of the year.
  • The Tournament will monitor Channel 78. All boats should stay in communication with other boats during fishing hours for safety and fishing updates. Bermuda anglers you are on your own.
  • This is an invitational tournament only. Please be responsible and courteous at all times, otherwise you will not be invited to participate in the future.
  • All vessels must follow all Federal and local regulations.
  • No liabilities will be assumed by any other vessel or party participating in the Tournament. Please proceed at your own risk and carry your own insurance.
  • The Big Game Battle Invitational Tournament promotes the conservation of all species of fish and the release of billfish.
  • Fishing for giant bluefin will be allowed for points (see score sheet). All boats wishing to stay out overnight must have results called in by 6:00 PM by their boat or another participating boat, the first day of fishing. If scores are not called in the points will be disqualified for that day’s fishing.
  • Overnight boats –  please fill out a separate score sheet for fish caught between 4:01 PM and 4:59 AM for a separate tournament challenge.